Workforce Solutions

Many companies struggle with staffing their IT or Engineering departments, whether it be due to a lack of in-house infrastructure to manage a full team of developers or a need for additional resources on a project. Our staffing solutions offer a solution to these challenges by providing clients with access to skilled talent on a contract, project-based, or direct-hire basis.

For those seeking an economical approach to project management, our Offshore Delivery Centers provide a cost-effective option. Equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure, CMMI 3 and ISO 27001 certified teams, and highly secure data centers, our delivery centers serve as an extension of a client’s internal team while delivering major cost savings.

Contract Staffing

Staff augmentation through contract staffing is a major component of our services. We have extensive experience supporting various staffing needs for clients both in the US and internationally. We can work directly with clients who manage their own staffing programs or with their Managed Service Provider (MSP), and we have experience with multiple Vendor Management Systems used by MSPs.

As a process-oriented organization, we have established procedures followed by our Client Account Managers and Recruiters to ensure that we meet and exceed Service Level Agreements set by our clients or their MSPs. Our processes are designed to provide efficient and effective support to our clients’ staffing needs.

Remote and Hybrid Staffing

At Previse, we understand that filling remote and hybrid positions requires a special kind of candidate. That’s why we’re dedicated to finding and hiring the best talent from around the world. We have a strong online presence that attracts top-notch candidates and matches them with the right employer. In today’s competitive job market, it can be challenging for employers to find top talent. Candidates are no longer limited to their local geographic area and are actively seeking remote employment opportunities. That’s where Previse comes in, to help you find the right candidate to fill your remote or hybrid positions.


Managed Capacity

The Managed Capacity Model is a flexible staffing solution that helps to plan and manage resources, ensuring a balanced workload across multiple projects. This model sits between managed services and staff augmentation, offering customers the ability to adjust their resource levels as needed. Under this model, customers have a set resource plan for a specific period, which is defined in a fixed purchase order and billed on a time-and-material basis. Keeping a full-time team to support high demand can be costly. The Managed Capacity Model provides a budget and risk-friendly option for customers to easily access the necessary skillset as needed.

Benefits of Managed Capacity
  • Customers can purchase either a set amount of resource capacity in per hour, month or year, or specific resources with specific skills.
  • The customer provides direction and maintains control over program outcomes.
  • Previse and the customer both share accountability for all deliverables.
  • Previse handles all HR management, including ramping up and ramping down the team as needed.
  • We also take care of transition, training, and knowledge transfer for all resources.
  • Our resources can work on-site, off-site, or offshore, and Previse will provide the necessary infrastructure at no extra cost when work is performed at our locations, excluding software licenses.
  • By jointly managing risks, customers can enjoy lower costs, as these risks are not passed on to individual projects.


Permanent Staffing

Looking for a single resource or an entire team to support your IT or Engineering needs? Our team of recruiting experts is here to match your specifications with the best permanent talent available. Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your core business. We will act as your liaison to the talent market, ensuring you find the right fit for your organization. Whether you require on-site, remote, hybrid, onshore, or offshore support, we’ve got you covered.


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