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Omnidesk optimizes your call center with our systems people & processes.
  • 30% or more reduction in costs
  • 30% or more improvement in Quality
  • 30% or more improvement in productivity

We can commit to this because we’ve been doing this for ourselves and our customers for over a decade. When you’re planning to overhaul your call center environment, it can be overwhelming trying to put all the many pieces together. Plus, if you don’t have a comprehensive plan to start with, you’ll be creating many future problems for yourself. We can eliminate those risks and help you design an optimal call center solution tailored to your business.

Research shows that making things easy for customers is a much better indicator of loyalty than overzealous customer service meant to delight a customer.

– We make it easy!

What is a Cloud Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)?

A cloud contact center solution is hosted over the internet, takes minimal time to deploy and requires minimal upfront investment. A cloud contact center provides your business with the flexibility you need to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Faster deployment
    The cloud contact center software helps businesses move with relative ease in the direction of omnichannel customer engagement, which links all customer touch-points.
    Since there is no infrastructure required to deploy the cloud-based contact centers, the complete setup process can happen at a much faster speed.
  • Remote work readiness
    Let your agents work from home or any place of their convenience. The calls can land directly on their mobile phone or softphone, which can further minimize the total cost of operation of the contact center.
    Get a wholistic and unified view of remote agents irrespective of their work location or the telephony systems being used.
  • Contact center modernization
    With the right contact center infrastructure in place, you can gain a lasting foundation for achieving optimal customer experiences and take advantage of improved business processes.
    – Reduction in Operational Cost
    – 24/7 Omnichannel Support
    – Effortless Call Surge HandlingOur typical contact center optimization approach follows this path:1. Deploy cloud-based IVR with self-service options
    2. Optimize contact center processes and procedures
    3. Implement a CCaaS contact center solution
    – Including native workforce optimization
    4. Deploy a unified front-end for CSRs that has native workflow built-in
    – Including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RPA).
    5. Deploy an omnichannel solution
    – Including natural language processing (NLP)


  • Advanced Wallboard
    Display customized reports to everyone against the standard parameters of the assessment. They are proactively alerted of the performance and enhance productivity.
  • ACD
    Route calls to best-suited agents for faster resolution with flexible and robust Previse’s ACD software.
  • IVR
    Identify and route every customer call to the best-suited agent based on the caller’s input with an intelligent IVR system
  • Auto dialer
    Automate your outbound contact center operations by adding an auto-dialer in your cloud contact center software.
  • Knowledge base
    Create a centralized information repository with knowledge management tools to ensure your agents and customers have access to consistent answers to their queries.
  • Agent Management
    Expertly manage agents with digital interaction recording & analytics, quality management, performance management, gamification, and more.

Supervisor Dashboard

Real-time agent and queue performance, advanced activity filtering, silent monitoring/coaching, listen and download recordings, broadcast announcements to the whole team or just a single queue, flexible permissions and user management system, set holiday schedules, ad-hoc and scheduled closures, personalized company branding and more.

Omni-Channel Support

Give your agents a powerful way to engage customers in support inquiries and in the purchasing process.

The intuitive, unified interface enables agents to respond to customer communications across multiple channels: email, chat, and social all in one queue. Pre-scripted answers to commonly asked questions and next best actions

Enhanced Reporting

Get real-time reports with statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that enable supervisors to effectively manage and monitor, agents and queues, and seamlessly accelerate responses in your contact center.

Agent Dashboard

Increase agent productivity with quick dialer, real-time team presence, real-time queue metrics and global views, click to callback, activity management, engagement management, personal directory, queue live look-in, call dispositions and more.


OmniDesk Components

OmniDesk is built on the Industry Leading Amazon Contact Center infrastructure.
  • IVR & CRM – integrated parts of this environment
  • Advanced management features including Call recording Skill based routing
  • Extensive performance and SLA metrics for team management
OmniDesk’s Unified Desktop – configurable to individual customer needs
  • Built in optimized workflow
  • Single portal for CSRs to work from eliminates the need to swivle chair between multiple systems
  • Eliminates need to use multiple systems.
  • 360° view of customer
  • Simpler process reduces labor costs while greatly improving results and customer experience
Off-Shore Resources to Support Your Onshore Team
  • In addition to optimized systems and processes
  • Cost effective and highly productive with quality results
  • Most effective way to provide surge support for peak periods
Consulting Services to Ensure Optimal Approach

Determining the optimal mix of components for your call center platform can be difficult and overwhelming. If you don’t get it right, you’ll set yourself up for failure. We can eliminate those risks and work with you to deliver the optimal solution tailored to your business. Call center success comes down to 3 major factors:

  • Hiring the right people
  • Using the right technology (an integrated solution)
  • Implementing the right processes

We’ve been delivering these solutions for 2 decades. We use our experience to make this process easy for our customers. We have the expertise to deliver the optimal technical stack, optimized process and training solution for your CSRs. Our approach will guide you through this journey and ensure you end up with an effective and future proof solution.

Our typical contact center optimization approach follows this path;

  • Work with customers to tailor an optimal solution for their business
    1. Systems, processes and people
    2. Optimize contact center processes and procedures 
  • Define the roll-out and implementation strategy 
  • Deploy our cloud-based IVR with self-service options 
  • Implement our OmniDesk cloud-based contact center solution
    1. Including native workforce optimization 
  • Deploy a unified front-end for CSRs that has native workflow built in
    1. Including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Desktop Automation (RPA). 
  • Deploy an omnichannel solution
    1. Including natural language processing (NLP) 

Unified front end

Better Solution
  • Built in workflow means CSRs see what they need when they need it.
  • Complete modern cloud-based scalable Call Center solution optimized
  • Single front end interface unifies multiple existing system
  • Integrated workflow and workforce management
  • Integrated QA sheet with easy access to the call log and screen data
Omni-Channel Support
  • 360 View of Customer Stiches together all interactions on a Single Screen
  • Faster response and shorter calls
  • Faster answers to questions
  • Chat, Chatbot, Conversational AI, natural language processing
Better Insight
  • 360 View of the client and work
  • Extensive Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Avg Handling Times, Longest Call Wait, Average Wait Times, Peak load times
  • Calls Handled Distribution
  • Planned Vs Actual comparisons


Future proof solution that is highly extensible and adaptable

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Experience
  • Shorter wait time and shorter average call times
  • Faster more accurate answers
  • Extended service hours with self-service options
  • Offer privacy while keying in PII data
  • Faster response to queries
Improved Efficiencies
  • 360 View of Customer
  • Unload trained agents from routine requests and simple service
  • Easily scale up with minimal investment
  • Easily and cost effectively scale to meet demand (hybrid on/off-shore)
  • Utilize lower cost labor
Reduced Cost
  • Typical service phone call involving a real person costs $7.00
  • An Internet transaction, with a person responding, costs $2.50
  • A “self-service” phone call with no human interaction costs less than $1.00
  • Near zero telephony infrastructure cost


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