Blockchain Development Services

Previse has a long history in blockchain development, providing end-to-end services to create blockchain solutions. Our team is excited to open the doors to a new world of tech-driven transactions through the power of Blockchain technology. We’re committed to crafting dynamic, efficient Blockchain solutions to meet the needs and demands of our valued customers, helping them succeed and stand out from the competition. 

At Previse, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to blockchain software development. Our team of developers, designers and managers are experts in this field and use the latest tools and languages to help startups and enterprises create decentralized platforms. Our developers have worked on multiple blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Solidity, giving us the knowledge and ability to create solutions tailored to your individual needs. We are dedicated to providing the best services possible to make sure you have a secure and successful experience in the blockchain world. 


What we offer 

We provide a wide selection of decentralized options that offer scalability, transparency, and security to your environment. 

  • Blockchain Technology Consulting 
  • dApps Development 
  • NFT marketplace development 
  • Metaverse development 
  • Blockchain Supply Chain Development 
  • Custom Blockchain App Development 
  • Smart Contracts Development 
  • Decentralized Exchange 
  • Blockchain Wallet Development 
  • Tokenization 

Our Custom blockchain development Process 

Previse’s team of experienced professionals is able to provide unique and specialized blockchain development services. Utilizing Agile methods along with tailored blockchain processes, Previse can effectively bring your project to life, tailored to the exact needs of your business. The team includes a range of specialists such as managers, researchers, architects, developers, and quality assurance personnel, who will lead the project through the following stages: 

  • Research & planning
    Before developing a blockchain solution, it is important to identify the problems that it is expected to solve. Investigate if investing time and resources into blockchain technology would benefit the business capabilities or not. It is also possible to migrate existing applications to the blockchain network instead of building from scratch. Once the need for a blockchain based solution has been identified, the next step is to choose the right blockchain platform for the project.
  • The selection of a suitable consensus mechanism.
    The consensus mechanism is an important factor for any new product development process when developing blockchain solutions. There are various consensus protocols that can be used, such as Proof-of-Work, Proof-of-Stake, Delegated Proof-of-Stake, Proof-of-Authority, Proof of Elapsed Time, deposit-based consensus, and Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanisms. The selection of an optimal consensus mechanism should be based on the needs of the individual use case.
  • Identify the suitable blockchain platform.
    The selection of a blockchain platform for development depends on the consensus mechanism that is necessary. Popular platforms have been designed to simplify the process of blockchain development. Our developers evaluate which blockchain is best suited to the requirements in order to begin development without creating a blockchain from scratch.
  • Begin to design the blockchain architecture
    To determine the blockchain architecture that best fits a given use case, consider the options of whether or not to include specific permissions for targeted user groups, and whether to use a private or public blockchain network architecture, or a hybrid consortium, or public permissioned blockchain architecture. With a public permissioned blockchain, participants may only add information with the permission of other registered participants.
  • Development
    The configuration of the key components of the application must be addressed first. These parameters, such as permissions, block signatures, address formats and key management, must be considered with great care, as they cannot be altered once implemented. Once the core elements have been taken into account, the Application Programming Interface (API) of the blockchain application should be developed. APIs are necessary for auditing, generating key pairs and storing and retrieving data, and the choice of APIs should reflect the objectives of the application. Doing so shall ensure the maximum benefit to all users.
  • Test and deploy the application.
    At this stage of the development process, focus on the core, essential functions to create an early version of the project. A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is all that is required to demonstrate the viability of the blockchain model. Testing should aim to identify any potential issues as they arise. Additional features may be added once the application is stable.
  • Support
    As your organization progresses and matures, your blockchain solution must remain aligned with its requirements. To achieve this, we offer ongoing assistance and enhancements to existing features, and additionally provide new capabilities as required. 

Previse is prepared to offer blockchain application development services in order to deliver dependable blockchain solutions that provide elevated traceability, security, and faster processing of data and transactions. 


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