Allow me to introduce Ananta Mouli, an accomplished IT leader with over 22 years of experience across a range of industries. Throughout his career, Ananta has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and motivate teams, driving successful outcomes for both multinational corporations and startups alike.

With a particular affinity for eCommerce & ERP and its ecosystem, Ananta has become a true expert in this field. He possesses a deep understanding of the technologies, trends, and best practices that drive success in the world of online commerce. Through his insightful leadership, Ananta has helped numerous organizations achieve their eCommerce goals, driving growth and profitability in the process.

But Ananta’s interests and talents extend far beyond the realm of IT. He is also an avid student of ancient temples and scriptures, with a particular love for the rich history and cultural significance of these treasures. Whether he is exploring the intricacies of temple architecture or delving into the stories and teachings of ancient texts, Ananta approaches this subject matter with the same level of rigor and passion that he brings to his work in IT.

In all aspects of his life, Ananta is driven by a deep desire to learn, grow, and make a positive impact on the world around him. His passion for IT, eCommerce, combined with his love of history and culture, make him a truly exceptional individual – one who has much to offer both personally and professionally.