Federal Services

Previse believes federal units face extreme challenges, when it comes to IT managed services, which is why we offer fully balanced services. We cater to complex requirements for federal operations and further enable them to implement cost-effectiveness solutions. Our services cater to the emerging needs of the dynamic environment with critical understanding and precision.

Our exclusive understanding and extensive technical assistance enable us to help you achieve your business goals. We deliver solutions not just for today but also for the futures.

Previse IT- Federal Solutions is a minority-owned small business dedicated to offering high quality information technology services to Federal and State and Local Governments.

Cyber Security

Previse helps your IT enterprise ecosystem to build a long-term strategic Cyber Security roadmap through proactive cyber security services with 360-degree visibility and zero-trust security architecture.  Our endpoint security services..

Systems Integration and Cloud Migration

Previse brings you a facile digital transformation with our cloud migration services.  What we offer  Previse System Integration supports design, develop, implement (DDI), and operate the framework to integrate modular..

Call Center Support

Previse's Call Center services provide efficient and effective customer service, telemarketing, and other customer-related functions. We are equipped to handle a large volume of incoming and outgoing telephone calls, ensuring..

Data Management

Previse offers the most exceptional data warehousing services with accurate technological implementation. Our data management services help businesses effectively manage, store, and analyze their data. We offer solutions such as..

Infrastructure as a Service

Previse’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows organizations to access and use computing resources, such as servers, storage, and networking, on-demand over the internet. This allows organizations to quickly and..

Application Development

Previse is the one-stop destination for exclusive application development for federal agencies. With our dynamic landscape, we serve different purposes and offer smart strategies. Our collaborative team evaluates your business..

Professional Services

Previse offers end to end IT services with a professional outlook to serve your business. Our Professional Services help businesses optimize their technology infrastructure and improve their overall IT operations...


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