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At Previse, we offer the best help desk service with a focus on delivering customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of having a successful business and strive to provide the necessary tools and support to make this a reality. 

First-come, first-served is a commonly accepted practice when it comes to addressing customer issues. However, this approach may not be able to provide timely solutions to customers who require urgent attention. Ticket categorization can help ensure timely solutions are delivered, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to categorize tickets based on their complexity. 

Previse has an efficient system for handling helpdesk queries, with agents at 3 different levels. Tier 1 deals with trivial or basic issues, Tier 2 deals with average issues, and Tier 3 handles more complex or labyrinthine issues. By effectively categorizing tickets, we can deliver fast, reliable helpdesk solutions. 


What we offer 

Previse offers a range of customer relationship management services that include: 

  • Tiers one through three help desk services 
  • ITSM and ISO 9001 based call center and service desk support 
  • CAQH certified clearinghouse services 

Technology is a crucial part of our lives, and when it doesn’t work correctly, timely assistance is needed. Establishing an in-house call center can be difficult but outsourcing to SAS can make it a straightforward process. Our expert, friendly team is available 24/7/365 to provide quick responses to Tier 1 technical support requests. Our support is there when your customers need it. 

Benefits of Helpdesk Services 

The effectiveness of customer support is closely related to the quality of the help desk, which has an impact on customer satisfaction and feedback of the services provided. 

Here are the reasons your business needs help desk support: 

  • Streamline support channels by consolidating them into a single platform.
    If you offer customer service through a variety of communication channels, such as email, telephone, live chat, messaging, and social media, a help desk can help to unify them all. Having a help desk app can provide a better customer experience by preserving the context when a customer switches between channels. This eliminates the need for customers to repeat themselves when switching channels and reduces frustration.
  • Provide prompt assistance to customers.
    Customers expect faster response times from companies. A helpdesk ticketing system can improve the efficiency of a support team by aggregating customer interactions in one screen, tagging the tickets for easy overview of the issue, and categorizing the tickets for faster resolution. This helps optimize customer service and support, resulting in better customer satisfaction.
  • Increase team efficiency.
    A helpdesk system can enable automation of repetitive tasks such as ticket assignment, as well as provide workflow and autoresponder features. Additionally, it can enable an internal knowledge base that allows team members to share resources and collaborate across teams. This simplifies processes and keeps everyone in the organization informed.
  • Effective self-service options.
    A help desk with a range of features can be used to create, organize, and centralize support documentation, such as FAQs, guides, and tutorials. This can help customers find answers to their queries before reaching out to customer service, potentially helping to resolve issues faster. Analytics for the knowledge base can provide insights into popularly searched topics and most viewed documents. 39% of customers prefer this method of self-service over speaking with customer service agents.
  • Engage in conversations with customers in an objective and unbiased manner.
    A helpdesk tool can provide a centralized location to store customer information and keep track of prior interactions. This allows any team member to pick up a conversation without having to worry about missing any context, ensuring a consistent experience for the customer.
  • Evaluate the performance of agents and teams.
    Helpdesk systems can provide valuable insights into customer support requests, such as the volume, type, and resolution rates of requests, which can help measure the performance of individual agents and the overall help desk team. This data can also be used to benchmark help desk support for future hiring decisions. Helpdesk systems offer enhanced analytics and customizable reporting to gain a better understanding of customer service metrics.

Help desk solutions can help you provide a better customer service experience. With these solutions, customer inquiries can be organized and prioritized, making it easier for support teams to work more efficiently. Furthermore, help desks can also make tracking tickets easier and provide valuable performance data, allowing you to further improve your customer service approach.


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